Advanced Negotiating with Unions

A 1-day specialist workshop focusing on current events and new developments. It covers complex, high risk negotiations, leading communication skills and strategic engagement techniques that deliver productive Collective Agreements.


This workshop allows you to assess different communication techniques and negotiating styles that work best in a range of business and relationship situations. Negotiations are strongly influenced by company cultures, leadership styles, financial health and people values. Experienced negotiators have the skill and ability to adjust the planning and strategy, leading up to bargaining and more importantly, during bargaining. Negotiating dynamics are influenced by situational variables which skilled negotiators can read and then adjust to daily.

The negotiating spectrum we operate in can range between two extremes. At one end, high confrontation, and strikes driven by activists & social ideology and to the other end of collaborative, high engagement & common interest issues.

This workshop gives negotiators deep insight and skills allowing them to adjust their general overall approach to a specific CA as well as re-aligning each daily bargaining interaction.       

To get the best value from this workshop experience, attendees should ideally have previously been exposed to or been directly involved in a union negotiation or at minimum have attended our comprehensive foundation course Negotiating with Unions.

This advanced workshop is presented by two NZ based negotiating specialists who are practically experienced. The design of the workshop is based on small group learning in a caring environment.  




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Who should Attend

  • Persons who have already attended our 2-day general CA negotiations workshop and now require advanced bargaining skills.
  • HR Executives and General Managers, Operations Managers, Managers or Advisers who have negotiated CA’s in the past and require a refresher or in-depth bargaining skills.
  • Persons who require a thorough understanding of CA bargaining & communication interactions.

This Workshop will make you

  • A better and more relaxed, all-round negotiator
  • Able to handle difficult individuals
  • Stay in control of the verbal exchanges at the negotiating table
  • Know how and when to respond to union tactics
  • Achieve a realistic and more flexible CA agreement which works for the whole organisation

Key Topics

  • A detailed overview of bargaining trends across NZ
  • What's going on in the current economic & political environment and specific union activity - wages, strikes, and union agendas. 
  • Developing a commercial ER Strategy, what must be included in a mandate and who has the authority to bargain
  • Understanding different negotiating styles, the unique behaviours and specific communication skills for reaching an agreement
  • An overview of current unions tactics and techniques and methods for dealing with these
  • Steps for developing a strategic employee engagement platform, what does a high performance CA look like and is it possible?
  • When experiencing industrial action employers are often faced with complex and changing options. We discuss and evaluate the best bargaining strategies.

Advanced Negotiating with Unions
Auckland TBC
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Location & Date
Auckland - September 28 2022
NZ$1,395.00* - One Attendee
NZ$895.00* - Second Attendee (from the same organisation)

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