2020 ER Strategy & Negotiators Toolkit

A hard-hitting economic and socio/political trend analysis. We have talked with the top union leaders and analyse the issues which are likely to influence private & public sector union negotiations in 2020

Global uncertainty and a predicted general economic slowdown are making employers in NZ cautious while unions are seeking better wages and working conditions. These conflicting priorities are the major cause for the causes of the growing negotiating tension.

Business owners, managers and HR professionals who are involved with employee and union matters and agreement negotiations should view this strategy and information session as essential preparation and planning for 2020.


This workshop is a morning session running from 9:00am -12:00pm.

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72-112 Green Lane East, Ellerslie, Auckland


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We cover the following (and more!):

  • The new minimum wage rates require employers to apply a remuneration strategy covering all employees. What must this include?
  • What are the employees and union wage expectations for 2020?
  • A review of the new and updated employment legislation and how this will impact bargaining
  • Unions will continue to expose “bad” employers use of casuals, migrants and temporary labour in transport, retail, hospitality, fishing, fast-food and agriculture sectors. How will this play out?
  • Fair Pay Agreements across industries remains a union priority. How have they redirected their activities and how do we see this playing out?
  • Expect more industrial action in 2020. A new approach, tactics and strategies is required by employers. What should this look like?
  • Negotiating Collective Agreements will take longer and be more complex. To be successful employers require new thinking and planning. What does this entail?
  • We have spoken with the major unions. What are their priorities & focus for 2020?
  • How can organisations offset the sharp increase in labour and operating costs?

2020 ER Strategy & Negotiators Toolkit
Auckland 72-112 Green Lane East, Ellerslie, Auckland
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Location & Date
Auckland - February 20 2020
NZ$395.00* - One Attendee
NZ$255.00* - Second Attendee (from the same organisation)

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