Supervisors and Frontline Managers

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Is your organisation looking to?

  • Improve overall organisational productivity?
  • Increase operating efficiencies?
  • Keep labour costs at realistic levels?
  • Achieve quality output from individuals and teams?
  • Create a positive workplace culture with engaged and committed employees?

 "Invest in developing and upskilling the most important individuals in your organisation – your frontline supervisors and managers."


Frontline managers and supervisors are the relationship-builders in most organisations. They deal with employees on an ongoing, day-to-day basis and therefore develop individual and team relationships. This can be positive or negative. Either way, frontline managers and supervisors have a significant influence on employee morale, individual worker attitude, productivity and employment relations.

The secret to a harmonious workplace and good employment relations is capable frontline managers and supervisors who understand the different components that influence employee attitudes and behaviours.

This workshop is presented in-house and is suitable for both unionised (Modules 1 & 2) and non-unionised workplaces (Module 1 only).

Module 1

Conflict, Recognition, Performance, Productivity & Discipline

  • Lead, communicate and influence
  • Recognising the causes of conflict
  • Understanding the power of praise and recognition
  • Handling the poor work performer
  • How attitude and behaviour effects productivity
  • The informal and formal approach to discipline

Module 2

Essential ER - managing employees & unions in the workplace

  • Understanding how unions function
  • The role the Supervisor/Frontline Manager plays in establishing an ER culture
  • Good communications and effectively managing employee representatives and/or delegates
  • CA negotiations and how this process impacts on the Supervisor/Frontline Manager

All learnings are reinforced by practical small group work and by analysing current & real workplace issues.  

Optional – After Workshop

We allocate ‘live’ projects to teams of supervisors (based on current organizational issues). We then follow-up four to six weeks after the workshop and discuss the projects with each team. Duration of follow-up takes approximately two hours. This action creates a sense of Supervisor/Frontline Manager ownership in resolving real problems, resulting in practical and lasting solutions.    

Who should attend?

Supervisors, Frontline Managers, Team Leaders, Foreman, Charge-Hands and Shift Leaders.


The two modules can either be presented as a one-day session or separately on a half day basis each.

Your investment –

  • $2,500 + GST – for each separate four-hour module up to 10 attendees. An additional $225 per person applies for 11 or more attendees, up to a max of 15.
  • $3,950 + GST – for a one-day session covering both modules with up to 10 attendees. An additional $195 per person applies for 11 or more attendees, up to a max of 15.
  • Optional: Practical Solutions Project at $350 per hour

A detailed workbook is issued to every attendee, which can then be referred to after the workshop.   

What the organisation get

  • More confident and motivated frontline leaders making better decisions
  • Improved workplace flexibility with a common focus on overall business objectives
  • ROI by achieving quick, practical solutions to current real workplace problems. 

Can’t see what you want? Contact the team to discuss a fully-customised in-house training option.