Employment Relations & Business Culture Audit

Dig below the surface of your employment relations

Your staff are people you see every day. They’re part of your business. And that’s why it’s so easy to miss their fears, frustrations and concerns – even hostility – because people think one thing and say and do another. Understanding your people is the first step in successful workplace conflict management.


An Adelhelm & Associates’ employment relations audit uncovers:

  • How your staff really feel about your company, its operations and its management
  • Independent, unbiased investigation into your employment relations process and practices
  • Real and perceived blockages, barriers and conflict triggers that hinder employee motivation
  • Diminishing productivity and growth potential
  • Employment relations strengths and weaknesses


Adelhelm & Associates will work with your management team to identify which processes, procedures and behaviours need to be revised or improved for healthier employment relations.


This ER analysis is designed for companies that need help with:

  • Managing employee, union or management conflict
  • Improving low levels of trust between management and employees
  • Improving communication and relationship barriers between management, employees and unions

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We have engaged A&A on a Services Agreement for many years now. The assistance we receive from them is always timely, pragmatic and specifically tailored to our needs. In addition to general Employment Relations advice and hands-on assistance, having their support and knowledge at the bargaining table enables us to achieve cost-effective Collective Agreements.

Mark Anderson, Plant Manager
James Hardie New Zealand