Employment & Industrial Relations Consulting Services

If you work in an industry where your staff either belong to a union or have the option to join one, it pays to be informed so you can deal with employment relations matters effectively and quickly.

Adelhelm & Associates understands that no two industries are the same. Our highly experienced and commercially-savvy employment relations practitioners offer hands-on consultancy services to help you identify the employment issues your company, department or industry needs to be aware of, then develop effective strategies to manage them. Up-to-date and globally-informed, Adelhelm & Associates delivers cost-effective solutions that seek to improve your company’s employment relations, whatever the industry. Our employment relations consultants work alongside prominent employment law specialists to ensure that all processes, procedures and interventions are compliant with current case law. In saying that, we don’t let the law drive the agenda; we focus on the interests of your business throughout all consultancy proceedings. If required, we can also work with your preferred employment law specialist.

Adelhelm & Associates can help if:

  • You need to upskill in employment and industrial relations
  • You work in Human Resources and need assistance with strategic and applied industrial relations
  • Your collective negotiations aren’t going to plan
  • There is a possible major industrial issue peeking its head over the horizon, and you need specialist advice before it arrives
  • A union is organising members at your company, and you don’t have time or experience to respond effectively
  • You need to improve relationships between management and employees
  • You are looking for a practical and proven management/employee communications process
  • You need to pin-point any employment relations problems

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Collective Bargaining & Negotiations

Our pragmatic and business-focussed ER consultants will assist your management teams with negotiation planning, so they’re well-prepared before they sit down face-to-face with their employees and unions. Learn how to approach collective bargaining as you would a commercial contract negotiation: open and ready to listen, yet confident and well-informed.

Adelhelm & Associates can design or give advice on:

  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Processes
  • Timing
  • Mandates
  • Independent evaluation of both parties’ bargaining power

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Employment Relations Strategy Alignment

The future of a company needs to be strong and cohesive in practice, as well as on paper. That’s why every business plan also needs to take into account a ‘people plan’.

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Employment Relations Audit

Being aware of and understanding your staff’s fears, frustrations and sometimes hostility is the first step to successful workplace conflict management. Of course, it’s easier said than done.

Adelhelm & Associates’ Employment Relations Audit uncovers how employees feel about your company, its operations and its management team. An independent, unbiased investigation into your employment relations process and practices, this audit will identify both real and perceived blockages, barriers and conflict triggers which could be hindering employee motivation, or diminishing productivity and growth potential. It is a quick and practical first-step for identifying where your current ER strengths and weaknesses are, then identifying which processes, procedures or behaviours need improving or changing for overall improved and healthy employment relations. 

This ER analysis is designed for companies that need help with:

  • Managing employee, union or management conflict;
  • Improving low levels of trust between management and employees;
  • Improving communication and relationship barriers between management, employees and unions.

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Strike Management & Conflict Resolution

When industrial action happens, it’s important to react quickly, confidently and professionally.

Our consultants can help you analyse the strengths and arguments from both parties in order to help your management team be as prepared as possible for any outcome, including dealing with staffing shortages during that time. We can also assist with conflict resolution should collective bargaining and negotiating not be successful.

If your business has been, is being or will be affected by union strike action at any time, Adelhelm & Associates can assist with:

  • Risk assessment and power analysis of both parties;
  • Tactics and strategies to resolve industrial disputes;
  • Communications with staff, unions and the media during conflict;
  • The evaluation of settlement options.

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Collective Agreements Settlements Survey

To help us fully understand the ER needs of your business as well as the wider New Zealand and Australia business environments, Adelhelm & Associates conducts an annual Collective Agreements Settlement Survey which addresses issues such as collective agreements, industrial action and wage increases. This survey is now open to all private-sector companies who negotiate collective agreements. 

The 2018 survey analysed 220 private sector agreements and published the results free of charge to all participating companies. We will let you know when the 2019 Collective Agreements Settlement Survey is open for submission.

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Performance and Misconduct Management

Whether you’re dealing with staff who don’t respect authority, are abusing their sick leave entitlements, or just can’t do their jobs, our experienced and tactful employment relations consultants can help.

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“Talking to Adelhelm & Associates is an essential part of our collective bargaining planning. They have taken the lead within New Zealand to survey companies and collate the data specifically around collective agreements. This assists us to be well-planned and informed when setting our collective bargaining strategy.”