Employment & Industrial Relations Consulting Services

Up-to-date expertise, best results from your industrial relations

In this age of heightened industrial action – even where you’re on good terms with the unions and your staff – it pays to have a strategy to deal with issues as they arise.

Adelhelm & Associates’ expert consultants are on hand to help and to offer you the training, preparation and confidence you need to secure the best outcomes for your business and its people.


Adelhelm & Associates’ industrial relations consultants are commercially savvy and will get alongside you to identify and strategically manage employment issues as they arise. Up to date, globally informed (see Annual Collective Agreements Settlements Survey), Adelhelm & Associates also works with leading employment law specialists to make sure you leave nothing to chance.

In 2019/2020 it is essential to make sure that all your processes, procedures and interventions are aligned with current practices and, importantly, are in the best interests of your business.


Talk to an Adelhelm & Associates specialist today when:

  • You want to upskill yourself in employment and industrial relations
  • You need assistance with strategic and applied industrial relations
  • Your collective agreement bargaining round isn’t going to plan
  • You suspect you may need to deal with an industrial relations issue in the future and want specialist advice before it becomes an issue
  • A union is organising members at your company, and you don’t have time or experience to respond effectively
  • You need to improve relationships between management and employees
  • You are looking for a practical and proven management/employee communications process
  • You need to pin-point any employment relations problems

Contact the team today for a confidential discussion and a practical solution that works for you and your business.

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“Talking to Adelhelm & Associates is an essential part of our collective bargaining planning. They have taken the lead within New Zealand to survey companies and collate the data specifically around collective agreements. This assists us to be well-planned and informed when setting our collective bargaining strategy.”