Collective Bargaining & Negotiations

Dealing with unions can often be daunting. That’s why Adelhelm & Associates believes it’s essential for employers and management teams to be prepared for anything before they head to the bargaining and negotiation table.

Adelhelm & Associates’ consultants can coach management teams in effectively negotiating with unions, in a professional and constructive manner that leaves both parties with a realistic and workable agreement. Unions understand that we don’t play games. We focus on the key issues, ultimately making your bargaining and negotiating quick, efficient and uncomplicated.

Our pragmatic and business-focussed ER consultants will assist your management teams with negotiation planning, so they’re well-prepared before they sit down face-to-face with their employees and unions. Learn how to approach collective bargaining as you would a commercial contract negotiation: open and ready to listen, yet confident and well-informed.

Adelhelm & Associates can design or give advice on:

  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Processes
  • Timing
  • Mandates
  • Independent evaluation of both parties’ bargaining power

Contact the team today for a confidential discussion and a practical solution that works for you and your business.

We have engaged A&A on a Services Agreement for many years now. The assistance we receive from them is always timely, pragmatic and specifically tailored to our needs. In addition to general Employment Relations advice and hands-on assistance, having their support and knowledge at the bargaining table enables us to achieve cost-effective Collective Agreements.

Mark Anderson, Plant Manager
James Hardie New Zealand