Collaboration & Productivity

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This workshop reviews the essential steps you need to take, to successfully establish a collaborative work culture in small and medium sized businesses. If your aim is to have a productive work culture with tangible benefits such as committed and self-motivated employees, then attending this session is a good start!

The technology revolution over the next few years rapidly changes the way most organisations operate. This will affect everyone, business owners, executives, managers and all employed persons.              

Do you need a better overall work ethic in your business with a workforce that totally buys into the company’s goals and objectives? We show you how this can be achieved.

This workshop explores the link between Productivity and Collaboration and why getting the balance absolutely right, is the key to success.

We cover issues such as

  • Urgent short-term productivity fixes vs. long term productivity gains and developing a high-performance work culture.
  • Identifying the barriers to a collaborative and productive work culture.
  • The absolute need for leadership commitment and authority.
  • Front-line managers – The key to success.
  • A change program for engaging with employees and unions.
  • The goal – Self-motivated employees.
  • How do you incorporate the challenges of the future workplace, staffed with temporary and non-permanent employees into the program?

Who should attend

Business owners transitioning from small to medium sized workforces; Senior managers, operations and line managers looking for productivity gains; HR & ER professionals searching for engaged, collaborative and productive employees.

What you will get

A program for productivity success, covering practical steps, costs, resources and timing. This session is guaranteed to put you on the right track.

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