Advanced Negotiating Techniques

This fast-paced, one-day, specialist workshop takes a comprehensive look at what happens at the bargaining table when managers negotiate with employees and unions. Applying the right communications techniques is essential for achieving realistic and modern outcomes.

If you have been negotiating Collective Agreements for a while and need a new and different approach, then this workshop will demonstrate how master negotiators behave and communicate at the bargaining table. Being engaging and persuasive is essential if you are looking for top results. This workshop shows you what constructive techniques and tactics leading negotiators use, to get positive outcomes.

This workshop is an ideal ‘step up’ for all managers who have previously attended our 2 day “Negotiating with Employees and Unions” workshop!

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We will cover the following

Negotiating Behaviours:

  • Understanding the main negotiating styles, and how they impact on the flow of bargaining
  • An awareness of your own negotiating style
  • A technique for adjusting your negotiating style to gain additional leverage
  • The verbal and non-verbal messaging and when to respond to them
  • Understanding the new union negotiation approach
  • The three management behaviours which sink any negotiations  

The Organisation's Lead Negotiator:

  • The essential & special skills needed
  • What a structured yet flexible negotiating approach looks like?
  • Managing divergent interest groups within an organisation
  • The art of communicating with executive during negotiations


  • Union tactics used in 2017, how to respond at the negotiating table
  • How to move away from positional, tactical game-playing
  • The 3 tactics management must never use


  • Collaborating with the new breed of union negotiator
  • The cues and signals experienced union negotiators send for settlement
  • Dealing with reasonable yet demanding negotiators
  • Working with inexperienced negotiators

Who should Attend

  • Persons who have already attended our 2-day general CA negotiations workshop and now require advanced bargaining skills.
  • HR Executives and General Managers, Operations Managers, Managers or Advisers who have negotiated CA’s in the past and require a refresher or in-depth bargaining skills.
  • Persons who require a thorough understanding of CA bargaining & communication interactions.

This Workshop will make you

  • A better and more relaxed, all-round negotiator
  • Able to handle difficult individuals
  • Stay in control of the verbal exchanges at the negotiating table
  • Know how and when to respond to union tactics
  • Achieve a realistic and more flexible CA agreement which works for the whole organisation

Advanced Negotiating Techniques
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