2018 ER Negotiators Toolkit

This economic and socio/political analysis is based on current trends and predicted future developments, which are likely to influence CA negotiations. With the new Labour coalition government, unions will be focused and active. Negotiations for employers will be more demanding!

Major disruptors, which could affect CA negotiations in NZ, are the new government, the Trump effect, EU elections, China, the exchange rate, housing, fuel and dairy prices. Business confidence thrives on stability and order, whereas unions come into their own during periods of uncertainty and change. 

Executives, managers and HR professionals who are planning for, or are involved in union negotiations in 2018 should view this strategy and information session as essential preparation and planning.

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We cover the following (and more!):

  • The bargaining environment changes each year. What are the most important bargaining issues for successful negotiations in 2018? 
  • Wage increase trends across NZ. Why % increases are going to go up. What other claims will be tabled? 
  • The global and NZ economic and political risks and disruptors. How are they going to influence business confidence and your collective bargaining?
  • An assessment of the current key employment issues in NZ - hours of work, non-permanent and casual workforce, living wage vs. minimum wage, wage increases, gender pay gap, domestic violence leave, the ageing workforce, multi-cultural workforce, work flexibility, shift changes and workforce health. 
  • Employment Law - what are the latest issue affecting CA negotiations?
  • Health and Safety. What further adjustments can we expect? Will unions become more involved?
  • What new tactics and strategies will we see before and during negotiations? 
  • New immigrants are influencing how unions organise and communicate with potential members. What employers need to do to be engaged with new employees.
  • Expect some action in the public service, tourism, transport, hospitality, fast food and top brand manufacturing sectors.
  • Union campaigns

2018 ER Negotiators Toolkit
Auckland 72-112 Green Lane East, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051
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Location & Date
Auckland - February 28 2018
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